diagnosticsWhat do you do when you are driving along and you notice some new problem with your vehicle? Is your engine working harder to do the same job it’s always done before? Does your transmission feel like it is slipping a little bit? Or, worse yet, is your check engine light activated? If you have a problem with your vehicle, let’s face it; you aren’t a trained auto technician, and you probably don’t know exactly what is wrong. That is where the team at Lex Autos Service comes in. We can perform auto computer diagnostics in Hartford, CT, and quickly pinpoint the problems in your car. Don’t let problems like these slide. Make an appointment with us today!

Diagnostics Hartford CT

When that car of yours has a pesky problem, a round of auto computer diagnostics in Hartford, CT, can usually help our team get to the bottom of things. We connect your vehicle to our state-of-the-art computer diagnostics apparatus, and we use it to run a series of tests that interface with your car’s onboard computer systems. Your vehicle’s computers will return datasets that will point our techs to the source of the problem, and then we will perform a visual inspection to confirm the source of the problem. Once we have all the information, we will work with you and your budget on getting the problem fixed and you back on the road. All you need to do is make an appointment!

Check Engine Light Hartford CT

If your check engine light is activated, it is your car’s way of telling you that there is a problem that needs attention. The frustrating part is that this warning can mean any number of different things could be wrong. Exhaust, transmission, the engine itself – all these things and more can cause an activated check engine light. And those problems don’t just go away; they tend to get worse over time. So if your check engine light is on, let our experts find the source with auto computer diagnostics in Hartford, CT, from the experts at Lex Autos Service.

Diagnostics Near Me

When your car is experiencing some new problem, don’t take chances by ignoring it. Let the experts at Lex Autos Service get to the bottom of things with auto computer diagnostics in Hartford, CT. All you have to do is swing by our shop or make an appointment, and we’ll get you fixed right up!

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